caixa de música

The initiative was put forward between 2015/16, when the Ajuntament de Palma granted a plot of land to the Fundació Orquestra Simfònica Illes Balears. In 2017, the project definitely took off thanks to an ITTS fund. In order to secure the ITTS fund and to add up funding from FUNDATUR, since midterm 2017, interventions became a reality through the composition and execution of a basic project for the headquarters. The project was commissioned in February 2018 and handed in to the Ajuntament de Palma, together with the construction permit, in June 2018.  Once all these steps were carried out and proved, an agreement with FUNDATUR was signed, also in June 2018, whereby they committed to the amount of two million euros to build the new headquarters. It had been a promise from the Conselleria de Cultura, Participació i Esports, since the beginning of the political term, and it has finally become a fact.

The construction of the new headquarters of the Fundació OSIB is an important milestone, which will set the Balearic Islands as an example for cultural attractions bound with tourism.

The OSIB headquarters will accommodate both the orchestra’s rehearsals and concerts, as well as cultural events committed to generate participative activities that include the residents in the surrounding area and local music bands from the city.

The project plans a well-defined three-building complex, with buildings that could be used separately, with independent access. The three buildings have been defined as follows:

  • Main hall for the OSIB rehearsals
  • Study rooms
  • Offices and archive
  • The new headquarters will host special concerts and rehearsals with the OSIB, as well as provide an administrative HQ. It is worth highlighting the social and cultural drive of the project for the city of Palma. The use of the building for school and educational activities related to music will provide the community with meaningful and new social dynamics.
  • The Caixa de Música will be an example of sustainable investment in the social, environmental and economical spheres. Follow-up will be established as a fundamental factor.

july, 2021

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